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Badass - Alyssa G.

Badass - Alyssa G.

Alyssa Goodpaster: Badass

When most people look back at life, they recognize that it can be defined as a series of life changing moments - babies, marriages, graduations - but also the less fond - divorces, deaths, and failures. Many of life’s changing moments also come in the form of vibrant, sudden, so-intense-I-can’t-fucking-handle-it realizations.

 As for myself, I tend to describe my life as being in and out of what I like to call “funk” (i.e. wrongly self-diagnosed depression; which turned out to be an actual lack of motivation and vibrancy for life). In summer 2018, I found myself in another long term “funk”, was traveling on the subway, and saw an ad for free counseling services. “Maybe I should actually get help this time,” I thought to myself. So I wrote down the number and texted it when I got home. The woman was so kind, and even put up with all my awful jokes, but it just felt off to me. “Why am I doing this.. there’s nothing actually wrong,” I’d think again, but continued to engage in the virtual all-obtrusive conversation. At this point, more than a couple tears were streaming down my face as I attempted to work with this virtual stranger to “fix me”. After approximately 20 minutes of attempting to figure out what’s “wrong” with me, the woman referred me to somewhere with the word “mental institution” in it. “Oh hell no,” I thought as I threw my phone across the room and began laughing out loud, “I’m not going anywhere where they’re going to treat me like a psycho. I don’t need this. I need me. I need to exercise and eat right. I need to keep the promises I make to myself. I need to surround myself with positivity and find better hobbies... I just need to learn to love me more”. ;).

And though I have slipped into mild versions of the “funk” since then, that was a life changing moment in my life- a “turning point” so they say. Since making the decision to continue to work on myself, the promises I make to me, and truly figuring out my dreams and ambitions, I have created my empowerment Instagram page @alyssakgoodpaster, grown it five-fold, and am kept motivated by all the amazing, strong, empowering women I meet through it daily who encourage me to keep encouraging them, have decided to start a blog-launching January 2019- To the Girl on the Train- focusing on empowerment, self-care, self-love, picking yourself up when you fall, and advocacy. I’ve said “no” to people and propositions I never would have said no to in the past, kept many many more promises to myself, and loved me more than ever.

Empowerment is all about a mindset switch and once you do that, you’re invincible. #badass

Disclaimer: There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help and to many, it is extremely beneficial, but I knew deep inside past all my excuses, that this wasn’t something anyone else could solve for me - it was just me.” 

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