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"Dreamer"  Karin P.

"Dreamer" Karin P.


Dad was one of my earliest mentors in creativity, especially music. But for most of my life, he never played. Whilst he encouraged me to explore music and play different instruments as a kid, I would ask him, "How come you don't play?" to which he would say, "When I have the time, I will." 

But for the next +30 years, he sat in his office working and never played. And I watched as his life slowed down and became a constant struggle (though you'd hardly know it on the outside). And I wished that he would put down his "hat" of being my dad, always thinking he had to teach me, and instead listen to what my intuition was guiding me to tell him - to "be" with his creativity. He had forgotten that a true Master always remains a student. He had also gotten caught up in the hamster wheel of work-work-work, such that he blocked off his creative flow, which is where most good things come from in every area of our lives. 

But he was set in his beliefs and maybe it hurt him to think of how he'd once played so well, and perhaps he didn't think he could match that again. I don't know…

What I do know is that when I opened up his violin case a few days after he’d passed away, a rush of gratitude poured into my heart from the beautiful instrument that lay inside, "Thank you! Thank you! You remembered me! You see me! Thank you!”

And my heart filled with so many emotions I can't list them.

It was like a long-lost treasure waiting to be discovered, wishing and hoping to be seen, yearning to be appreciated, gasping to breathe from so many years of being hidden away.

And that is what happens when we open up the gifts we carry within the treasure chest of our hearts.

For a certain time in my life, I had put my own creativity aside, because that's what growing up watching Dad do had inadvertently taught me. Kids learn to do what they’re shown, not what they’re told…

Even though it was always in the back of my mind to do something about my dreams to publish books and live from my personal creativity, I kept going with the career I’d created, which distracted me further from my deepest passions. Until I reached a major turning point that cracked the shell I'd built around my dreams, I "woke up,” and got doing those very things I had loved early on. It was a struggle at first, because I had to challenge the beliefs and habits of work and lifestyle that I had developed, which often cause us to postpone the other things that matter to us and give us life.

This I learned and it's important for you to understand;

Without nourishing the very things that light us up, we fade away - sometimes in an instant, and sometimes it takes decades. And we really don’t know if we’ll be graced with tomorrow.

At the heart of life is creativity - a magical energy we all carry within us. 

Find something that lights you up and get doing it. No more postponing. Listen to the whispers within and start moving in the direction of the things that inspire you. Your north.

You don't have to make a living out of it (you can if you want to), but let it give you life.

It takes courage, but you can do it. Something Dad often told me to use as a reminder for myself when I set out to do something was this:

“I can, I want to, and I will.”

It’s never too late to pick up a dream and bring it to life. “Late” is if it never gets done.

And once you open up the treasure chest of your dreams, you will do it. I certainly did. 

Karin Pinter is the creator of Niki Owl and a published author. Her entrepreneurial journey began as a teenager making greeting cards and gifts featuring her cartoon owl, and she later became one of the first women in Spain (if not the first) to pioneer the SEO industry when it was starting out. This career took her around the world where she rediscovered her personal creativity and followed her north to come full circle with the things she dreamed of doing as a kid. Now she uses her creativity to help others re-imagine and reinvent their own lives.

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