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Gabrielle Hamilton - Badass/Survivor

Gabrielle Hamilton - Badass/Survivor

I am a survivor. During my darkest periods, I always repeat this phrase to myself, "Everything comes into the light."

As a young, curvy woman of color, my career so far in dance hasn’t been easy. Although my passion and work took me to the Bolshoi training program where I was just as capable, I was ridiculed for either the tone of my skin or the curves of my body. These grievances have haunted me through most environments I entered as a developing artist. No matter what was said to my face, no matter what discouraging spirits I encountered, I trusted God and the gifts he gave me to keep my focus and press forward. I’m grateful that my persistence has rewarded me thus far and I’m ready to go into the future living in this beautiful, brown, curvy body that is brave confident, joyful, and full of love. No longer just surviving but thriving.

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