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Brave - Savannah Cooper

Brave - Savannah Cooper

My journey with Chronic Illness has been far from easy. I have endured countless needle sticks, ultrasounds, surgeries, IV’s, PICC Lines and, hours upon hours of testing. It all started at 7 years old. I was diagnosed with Tethered Cord Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. After my Tethered Cord Release Surgery, we thought our prayers were answered! On December 24, 2013––my life completely changed. Since then I’ve had 50+ kidney infections, 3 major surgeries, 7 PICC Lines, every test possible and, a port placed. These past 5 years have been filled with adversity and obstacles but, it hasn’t stopped me from fighting. My journey with Chronic Illness has taught me to be BRAVE.

A year ago I founded my own non-profit organization, Sav Strong. My mission is to inspire, empower and educate patients, families, medical teams and the communities surrounding them. I have raised over $8,000 and shared my story at schools and events across the country. Being brave and giving back to others like me isn’t an option, it’s in my soul. I am so thankful for Rock It Wear! This company empowers women to be confident, brave and, feel beautiful. #SavStrong #BraveANDBeautiful 

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