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She Persisted: Claire A.

She Persisted: Claire A.

Like a lot of kids, the only plan I had after high school was to go to college. College just seemed like the next step for a Silicon Valley young adult. There is so much pressure as to what college or path a person decides. There are the ivy league schools, the private universities, the state universities, the junior colleges, and even taking a gap year. I chose the most affordable, best option I could, and became a Spartan at San Jose State University.

Upon arriving at SJSU, I did not have a game plan in mind. I loved every major I came across- I loved art, design, nutrition, photography, teaching, business, environmental studies, and more. And while I enjoyed every GE, deciding on who I wanted to be was difficult, so I worked every side job I could.

If anyone ever saw my resume, they would probably be puzzled at all the odd jobs I’ve had. I’ve been a medical office administrator, a summer camp leader, a tutor, a barista, an event planner, a photographer, and the list goes on. My parents have always taught me how to find my drive in everything I do. They have been the forefront of my motivation and passion in trying new things. Some may call it sporadic, but I am on this earth for an unpredictable period and I plan on gaining all the skills I can in my lifetime.

Being a full-time student is one responsibility. Being a full-time student while working multiple part-time jobs is a whole different ball game. It’s not easy splitting time up for school, work, health, friends, and family; you must sacrifice some things for the end goal, but I was always willing to do that. I have been blessed with the best jobs, awesome bosses, and wonderful friends made along the way.

Throughout my 5 years juggling school and work, I stayed up endless nights finishing projects, organizing group assignments, and cramming for my exams. I had to cancel plans with friends because of work and reschedule fun days if I got called in.

In the end, I took my passion for creating, designing, photography, and business, and turned that into my major- marketing. Walking across that stage and receiving my Bachelor’s of Administration is such a prime memory I hold close to my heart.

Looking back, I didn’t really achieve the grades I knew I could have aimed for. I was content with the average grades I received. Now, I realize I never would have had all the experiences and the lessons of perseverance if I never became that full-time student and part-time worker. I persisted. I persisted because I knew that the end goal and the look on my family & friends’ faces when I graduated was why I worked as hard as I could. It is why I continue to strive has high as I can, always for the end in mind. Always persisting. 

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