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"She Persisted" Christina L.

"She Persisted" Christina L.

"Sometimes, it takes flying thousands of miles, waking up at 6AM, and floating in the Mediterranean to realize important things.

This trip was so needed for me, it came at the perfect time- it's funny how life works out that way. Things in my life were feeling uneasy and scary and unknown. Basically, life was being life and piling hard thing after hard thing up on me all at once. But, after some much needed time with my family, some much needed time being alone and around new people in a new place; I realized, it's okay to not know what to do with what life is throwing at you. It's okay to not know how to react. It's okay to cry, to hurt, to heal, to grow. It's okay to let go and trust the timing of things. It sounds so cheesy, but, you will realize when you go through difficult things, that you are SO much stronger than you ever knew. And most importantly, you can find joy wherever you are in life- even in the scary parts. 💙🇬🇷"

- Christina 

Inspired by Christina's story?
Wear YOUR Persistence! 

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