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Strong: Christina L.

Strong: Christina L.

My RockIt Wear Undies symbolize my strength and that’s why I love them. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a common and often debilitating disease, called endometriosis. This disease can feel as though it controls your life- you feel tired every second of the day, unmotivated to perform daily tasks, and of course, the pain. Endometriosis pain is a deep, aching, throbbing pain that feels never-ending and quite honestly has made me want to do nothing other than curl up in a ball on my bed for days. My endometriosis story escalated on January 1, 2015 when it took my right ovary from me. On this day, I woke up to pain that felt unreal, I was driven to the hospital and told that I had internal bleeding because a cyst covering my ovary had burst. I was terrified. “I’m only 21, how could this happen? Why wasn’t this cyst found sooner when I’ve had symptoms for so long? Can I still have kids? I’ve never had surgery before, what’s going to happen? I’m not strong enough to handle this”- these were the thoughts running through my mind. Luckily, the two women who performed my surgery did an incredible job removing the damage and I was back in action within a few weeks. This incident made me who I am today, it made me realize that I need to be a strong woman, I need to fight for my right to be a strong woman, and I need to empower and educate other women to do the same. Thank you, RockIt Wear, for being an empowering light in a sometimes-challenging world. To all the women out there battling to overcome their own hardships, I stand with you. Stay strong.

If you’d like to learn more about Endometriosis and its symptoms, or you’d like to donate to the Endometriosis Foundation, click this link:

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