Our Story

How often have you heard someone say “just pull up your big girl panties” and keep going?

I think the older we get, the more situations arise to say it. Scratch that – to scream it.

I had an amazing life. Things seemed to just present themselves and fall into place effortlessly - with college, moving to California, marriage, kids, friends… well, just life in general!

Until it didn’t. Life got hard. Health issues, job changes, death, friends moving, and finally, divorce. Then it got really got hard. Do you ever feel like everything is out of your control and things just keep coming at you? Like you were in a perpetual state of waiting for the next hit? Truthfully, it was a barrage of bad.

I must have used that phrase, “damn it, just pull up your big girl panties and suck it up girl!” daily. I would try to put on a smile, reframe the day and keep it together for the kids.

As it turned out many of my friend’s lives seemed to have so much damn hardship too... good grief, what happened??

Life happened.

I kept wondering, why in the heck doesn’t anyone make a Big Girl Panty, a tangible lift, to pull on after our big crying moment (you know we all have those days).

So, I made a few, to gift and to use. I found myself digging through my underwear drawer to find the word I needed when it was a bad day. Were they a good luck charm? Or was I somehow taking new risks, choosing to forge into life head on, trusting my gut again and soldering on?

I was.

But so were the others that bought them. They would call and ask for another one to give someone because it worked for them. It reminded them to keep going when things got tough.

We all know undies can’t have magic powers. But what it does is remind you, while wearing it, that you are amazing, and you do get through things. You may need a little help, but it is all inside of you. We just lose our mojo now and then… but they are there to pull out when we are ready.

So yes, pull up your big girl power while you wear these. Because we want to help you get through this with a tangible, soft, cute pair of undies so you can smile that secret smile, knowing that underneath it all, it’s really all YOU. You freakin’ got this, girl!


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